If you are wondering what the genesis of this project is or what it's about take a look at a short piece I posted over at Medium.com.

That's a behind-the-scenes look at how the project started and a few initial observations that fueled my curiosity to explore the theme further. In a nutshell The Marilyn Project is an attempt on social commentary that asks a lot of questions more than it answers any. Secondarily it's a tribute to an icon as well as a tribute to an iconic image.

Isn't it delicious?
Marilyn Monroe 1954

That's Marilyn's line for the scene in The Seven Year Itch. What's more interesting is the backstory of how that scene came to be and might be one of the best examples of why there are as many breakdowns, analysis, and interpretations of Ms. Monroe's relationship to feminism that range from painting her as the poster-child of victimization to the ultimate proto-feminist in the most modern sense of individual choice and self-determination. Something that every human that lives in a society can relate to no matter what faction, group, or politic one belongs to or would be slotted into for something neat, tidy and easy to categorize for other people's notions

Ultimately my goals for this project are simple, contained, and accomplishable by myself destined for a small audience:

  1. Photograph 50 different people with as much diversity as possible.
  2. Produce 50 exhibition quality prints and seek out an appropriate venue.
  3. Self-publish a limited availability book with 150-200 images along with some background material and a smattering of thoughts from some of my collaborators.

While I have no aspiration for any sort of large or widespread audience if I go down the road a bit and get a modicum of support I would like to expand the project slightly and make a modestly priced book of the completed project more widely available. I hope to complete the project in early 2016 and finish the book design and prints before the second half of the year.

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